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About Us

1.Background story:

NM Clothing was founded by Kaisar Hamid. After many struggle, many constraints it was finally established that is hoping to bring revolutionary progress in representing Bangladesh to the outer world by creating a brand with the name NM Clothing.

NM Clothing’s foundation was built a long time ago. Kaisar Hamid dreamed of this organization when he was in college and made his dream successful after trying for several years. Now NM Clothing is a manufacturing company that helps the customer in the whole manufacturing process from generating order to shipping and with added customer value.

In 2010 kaisar hamid started NM Clothing but it was not a successful project to go with. Then, after 4 years, he started the same thing again with his wife but this time keeping in mind that NM Clothing’s main goal will be offering the respected customers the value that they deserve and making a brand that will represent Bangladesh to the world.  This time NM Clothing stood up again bearing significant difference than others. The way NM Clothing started handling Customer commitment, relationship, added value, trust, quality, comparative price- all these things pushed NM Clothing to go over the edge and do something more.

Kaisar hamid dreamed that the People of the whole world will recognize Bangladesh easily with this name NM Clothing. And, finally it found the way and created many more beside it to make it real. It was the vision of NM Clothing as well as giving the customers the utmost satisfaction and comfort to make their everyday life full of happiness and relaxation.

Finally, NM Clothing has established in the way it was conceived once and the whole NM Clothing team is happy and proud of the place NM Clothing is at now. Today, NM Clothing Honor’s the history with a commitment to creative and technical advancement, coupled with competitive quality and value. The experience gathered in the recent years drives its ability to deliver value adding solutions for the modern clothing manufacturing.

Kaisar Hamid -the CEO & Founder chairman of the NM Clothing, Sumaiya Hamid- General Manager and the rest of the NM Clothing team has proven their capacity to flex to a fast moving market via highly responsive portfolio of services and a growing number of specialist divisions. We are constantly moving forward with an expanding client base and being their everyday companion and proudly giving the value our clients deserve.

2.Our ethics and values:

Ethical practice in NM Clothing made it different in the mind of the people.  The organizational rules, regulations and standards are fixed in a way so that our respected clients get the true value they deserve.  NM Clothing team is always ready to listen to the customers because we need to know what the customers need and want, so that we can create superior value.

[Integrity and ethical standards made NM Clothing different in the mind of the people. Our goal is to create a brand that will be ready to be beck and call for our clients for anything related with clothing. We are ready to supply our customers quality products that is remotely comparative in the garments market, we are always at our clients doorsteps to make their journey comforting and worthy, we always provide the satisfaction our respected customers deserve.

We have our own delivery unit to deliver the made product or sample to the customers without any cost. We understand our customer well. We maintain good relationship with our suppliers. So, in this way we can provide the best product made from best raw material. We also understand that our customers have little time to waste on outsourcing of fabric, trims & accessories. So, we also do it for them.

Our contact team is always ready to listen to our customers, because we need to know what our customers think and want. Our supply chain is not huge but it’s efficient.

But, above all, we maintain integrity with whatever we do. We are proud to maintain the ethical environment in our business. fair trade and corporate social responsibility and the need to provide both quality and affordability we have established strategic relationships that embody our fundamental values of integrity, honesty, and proper conduct and fair wages, because commitment and trust is one of our main values.


Core Goals:

  1. Establishing brand to represent Bangladesh
  2. Retention of customer relationship
  3. Best quality provided from Own factory
  4. Outsourcing for Cost reduction
  5. Providing customized clothing
  6. Supporting new designers
  7. Supporting customers with any quantity production
  8. More effective development and marketing policy
  9. Make quality clothing manufacturing more accessible


3.Vision & mission:

Our vision is to create a well-recognized clothing manufacturing brand that will exemplify our country to others. Our mission is to create customer relationship and retaining it and giving comfort and relaxation through our product. Also, making our customer saving time, energy and money by doing all the related work and outsourcing.

Our vision is to lead the clothing manufacturing world representing the Bangladesh. So, our vision is to create a brand for that.  It’s not a short term vision, rather very long term. It will take time to reach on that peak, but we know one day we will go there.


To reach the vision, we have set our missions. Our mission is to support the need of our clients by manufacturing clothing that is quality best, comfortable and trendy as well the suppliers because they r an important part in maintaining the inbound logistics of the organization. However, social responsibility is our conscious too. Our mission is to make our brand established and having departments to do welfare for the society along the way. How we can do help the society with our business is an important question. And, NM Clothing is tirelessly making blueprint to do so.

We want to represent Bangladesh, and it is our responsibility to make our country more adorable to the rest of the world in any way that we can conduct by our doings.

Our mission is to build a strong business model and strategic plan to conduct what we do and exchanging values. Our mission is to understand every employee of our organization, because they r crucial part of NM Clothing. They cut, they sew, they print, they ship, they r doing what they r instructed. if we can understand them better, they will understand NM Clothing better and do everything thinking its theirs. And truly, NM Clothing is everyone’s who are linked with us, internally or externally.

Finally, our mission is to establish ethical corporate practice in everything we do, because we believe in faired and unbiased business practice.

4.Best Outsourcing:

We can provide our customers any type of manufactured clothing because, we make products in our own factory as well as other factory. our outsourcing is best because-

  1. We can provide our clients any type of clothing ( knit or woven )
  2. We can do bulk production for wholesale
  3. Short quantity can also be delivered
  4. Quality is enhanced
  5. We save your money
  6. We save your time, because we are one stop clothing solution
  7. No risk of late delivery
  8. Planned schedule
  9. Expert workers
  10. Fabric, trims & accessories outsourcing from wholesale market in favor of our clients
  11. Typical outsourcing information is generally available for clients.


5.Payment terms and method:

For manufacturing 40-60 % of the whole payment must be shifted to NM Clothing in advance for Local order. Advance can be paid by cash in hand, by credit, by debit or by depositing in NM Clothing’s bank account. For international order we prefer LC & TT payment.

Against every transaction with NM Clothing, the clients have the right to claim receipt/ document that might be needed to show later.

After the product is being delivered, the clients must pay the rest of the payment just at that moment. If there is any unwanted problem found in products that was made by NM Clothing, the clients serve the right to talk with the NM Clothing team for the solution of the problem.