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Award Giving Celebration from Nm Clothing such as NM Every Friday Quiz

Award distribution Date: Every weekend

Nm Clothing likes to be with its fan and enjoys times with them. That’s why we like to organize quiz and select winners from them by lottery and send them gifts to enjoy the time with them. The answers our fans give, the wish they send other after every selection is a good way to make the bond strong too between them and us. The way, they congratulate the winners makes us feel special because we can make their days. Who doesn’t like to be winners and get nice gifts?

Sometimes, we select a random fan from the fans list and send them gifts secretly by telling how happy we are to get them and it also makes our bond special between to that person and us.

Last weekend was another special time for us to publish new quiz and to select winners from previous Quiz. We wish to be as closer as we can with our followers and fans with anything we can do for them to make them happy and happier.


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