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Entrepreneurs Development & Strategic Training Program at BD BYEAH

Featured Img- BD BYEAH training -22 jan,2017-Kaisar Hamid,CEO of NM Clothing
NM Clothing participated in the 5 days long training program arranged by BD BYEAH (Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advise & Help Center).

Bangladesh is a fast developing country. A great percentage of our economical growth depends on the young generation. As day by day our young people are engaging more with creating jobs for others rather than doing jobs, Non-profit organization like BYEAH reach out their hands to this generation to make them adaptable for all the odds that this path leads in their way of success. In a word, B’YEAH turns job seekers into job creators by promoting young entrepreneurs. And, this is their motto too.
B’YEAH obtained its legal status in 2007 and established itself as part of the YBI (Youth Business International) network and committed to organizing accessible financial support, mentoring and training to those who have a viable business idea but are unable to find necessary help.
CEO of NM Clothing participated in this training program to learn about business development and management better so that the Company can support and satisfy the clients well. As the days went on, BYEAH started with basic business needs and how to meet them. Everyday there were study sessions, assignments on real life situations, case study, relevant lectures, relevant Lottery & Game being arranged to give award to the winning group and Individual.
This time it was BYEAH’s 3rd batch at Bangladesh where they trained 30 individual this time. Each and every individual had different business type and different perspective that when combined made the business management and strategic decision much cooler.

NM Clothing learnt many things from this development program. We hope BYEAH can continue this program for the sake of this country in future too and make the country prosper by turning the Job Seekers into Job Creators.

A glimpse of the Training program
Img 03- BD BYEAH training -22 jan,2017-Kaisar Hamid,CEO of NM Clothing
Img 02- BD BYEAH training -22 jan,2017-Kaisar Hamid,CEO of NM Clothing
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