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Meeting with Munir Hasan

Munir Hasan is the General Secretary of Bangladesh Open Source Network ( BdOSN ) which emerged as an independent network of several hundred open source activist and became the core organization for all his volunteering activities. The present activities of BdOSN includes but not limited to campaign for Open Source Software, promoting solo entrepreneurship through freelance outsourcing, helping new entrepreneurs for  their enterprise etc.

Nm Clothing has met this pioneer several times for professional guidance in the area of entrepreneurship. We feel really proud to have this person among us who is working for the country to go forward in more than one ways. NM Clothing started its little journey with the help of Chakri Khujbo na Chakri Dibo platform which is directly involved with and guided by Munir Hasan. In our recent meeting with Munir Hasan we have focused on the corporate issues and problems associating in garments sector and how to reduce them while taking the business ahead. The meeting was really necessary to understand the current scenario well. All thanks to Munir Hasan for sharing his valuable experience and information with us.


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