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Picnic Tour of NM Clothing, 2017

24th February was a blissful day for NM Clothing marketing team to relax and be close to nature with the exceptionally arranged picnic tour of 2017 dedicated to the longevity of the company itself and everything & everyone connected to it.

24th February was a holiday for NM Clothing office executives from the work but not from enjoying life itself. They were invited to take part in the picnic tour arranged by the company to take the employees and executives close to nature and making them refreshed both physically and mentally.

The tour started at 7 am by rushing to the Banga Bondhu sheikh Mujib Safari Park at Gazipur. After that the NM tour group went to Visit Onjona Resort, National park, Gazipur Toke, Gajari Bon, Kapasia Dadar Chor etc. places. The Team took the whole day to visit all the places they could in a day and returned after the sun set at the end of the sky.

The NM team wrote a tour diary on that day and published it in their Website and Blog. Anyone can visit their blog in this link  , see their video and read the brief diary written by the NM Clothing team about that day.
This tour seemed to be fruitful enough to make the employees heal from all of their stresses and brought pleasing feelings in the office. NM Clothing hopes to arrange these small tours every now and then for its employees and help them enjoying their work at their workplace and to increase the bond and friendship in the group.

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Picnic Tour of NM Clothing-2, 2017

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