The Apparel Manufacturer & Trader
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Manufacturing & Trading:

Having well equipped and experienced office, factory and co-workers as well as better affiliation with other factories give us the edge over others to produce you the finest clothing in comparative price in a better timeline globally.

Design & Development

Having own design house and expert designers show you the maximum options and opportunities to design your product and develop them just the way you want keeping the modern fashion trend in mind analyzing the market.

Global Outsourcing:

When it comes to clothing you just cannot depend on one source rather than discover new sources of better quality raw materials to produce the ultimate unique clothing. And that’s what we do. We source and we make and we ship worldwide.

Pre-production Sampling:

After taking inquiry our sampling & development team make just the duplicate of what you want. Depending on the review and taking your comments on that we may send another sample or go for production right away.

Fabric Development:

To get the perfect color, texture, design, quality, grade etc we manufacture your fabric before production and after sewing finishing they go for proper washing and Quality assurance. That’s how you get the best feelings when you wear our manufactured Clothing.

Trims & Accessories Development:

Maximum available options of any kinds of trims and accessories for your garments are our specialty. Whatever you want just let us know and we make your wish come true.

Sales and Marketing:

Our sales teams are here to support you in identifying market opportunities for your brand and business model. Any time you want, you can choose to draw upon the experience of our sales people to deliver added value solutions, where required. Our mission is to keep you in the driving seat throughout the whole process.

Quality Assurance:

After garments sewing, washing and others works are done they go for QA team. With a simple fault the faulty garments are kept aside from the whole bunch for rework/modification. Our QA inspection ensures you the best manufactured product with added value.

Organic Clothing:

We try our best to deliver you the safest product possible. That’s why we use organic and safe raw materials in the whole process to finally have the outcome of true organic clothing.